Switching workspaces closes current file

What I’m trying to do

I’m using different workspace layouts to trigger specific sidebar features on the go, for example for working on tables. Now let’s suppose I’m writing something into a new file, but need to change the sidebar via another workspace.

The Problem I’m encountering

Whenever I switch to another workspace, all currently open files get closed, leaving me with the need to reopen multiple files.

I see why workspaces are designed like that, but is there any way to disable this behaviour?

I’ve narrowed in on a layout I really like, plus I hide my sidebars most of the time, so I don’t use workspaces very often. But yeah this makes so much sense.

It could be a very nice feature request (or plugin idea) to split the sidebars / content portions of workspaces. The content portion would usually be so much more fleeting than the sidebar portion. Or a workspace setting that can target only specific elements, so you can switch out specific things.

I wonder what kind of workaround could store the current tabs, and recall them after switching workspaces. Maybe a macro of some kind.

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