Switching between Panels 1, 2, 3 and 4 - Keyboard Shortcut


My suggestion is about switching panels.
My workflow in Obsidian is to create smart notes from content that I’m reading: Panel 1 has my notes and Panel 2 has the content that I’m reading.

Many times, I just have to highlight and copy the content on Panel 2 to Panel 1 to make a little editing.

To do this action I have to use te mouse to switch between the panels. My suggestion is to include a keyboard shortcut to this action.

I hope you find this useful and easy to implement. When you have a large workload, every second you save with a keyboard makes a huge diference.

Thank you for reading this.


Yes this is so important, i recommend using VSCode way cmd+1, cmd+2 etc.


I second this, and also recommend Ctrl+Tab and Crtl+Shift+Tab for navigating.


As a workaround, I currently have rebound the keys for moving around panes to make it easy for me

And I rebound navigation as well

Jumping between panes can be a little awkward because Obsidian treats what’s on the left a little differently than what we might think of it, but for the most part it works into your muscle memory over time :slight_smile:


there is a plugin for this

Yeah, I am using this way as well. Here is my setting.

is this really working? I have assigned shortcut;; for me, nothing happened.