Switch to Lexical as the text editor backend

This is not really a feature request, but rather an open discussion.

I just came across Lexical, which as far as I could tell, seems to be a web text editor. I haven’t delved much into it, but seems to be promising. One feature that caught my attention right away was that it supports mixed RTL/LTR content right out of the box!

I don’t know what Obsidian currently uses as its text editor backend, but Lexical seems to be a promising alternative in the future.

Would be amazing if we could get some insider comments on what they think.

Given how the editor is the heart of the system and most API’s and redering code plugging into it there would probably be no valid reason to switch unless the replacement provides significantly more useful features.

Maybe such a reason can be that CodeMirror (the current editor) is line based because it was made to edit code, which made sense when it was about editing markdown… But lacks a lot in term of document structure. I can’t imagine the nightmare of getting CodeMirror doing more and more WYSIWYG magic while probably some editors are much better armed to doing exactly just that…

The need to edit “code” might go completely away the day the preview mode also includes things like table without having to care about the underlying markdown. There is nothing preventing the storage to be still markdown, but the input should botter less and less about code.