Switch btw all list types - one shortcut

Use case or problem

I love to switch quickly between list types (bullet, numbered, checklist) but the conversion from one list type to another uses 3 different shortcuts.

Proposed solution

Let’s simplify things, but really…
Rotating between 3 lists types by pressing 3 times the same shortcut - would be simple and practical. We’re talking just about 3 list types!
A 4th switch would take you back to list 1 (ideally bullets) if you were too fast. Also, the shortcut may start from bullets each time you invoke the shortcut , there’s no need to remember the last position in the switch.

The switch order could be :

  1. Bullet list
  2. Numbered lists
  3. Checklists

Current workaround (optional)

I’ve to waste shortcut inputs for 3 different conversions


Also, I’ve noticed,

A) Obsidian doesn’t convert checkboxes at once, it needs to run the command twice to accomplish the task

B) numbered lists converted into checkboxes doesn’t convert numbered lists in pure checkboxes, but it adds numbers in front of checkboxes. I guess that’s deliberate

I think the Hotkeys++ plugin resolves some of these issues: