Switch between markdown/wysiwyg editing mode

Use case or problem

Personally I like that the format of my notes are accessible in text format. However, when actually working with my notes, I don’t really need markdown as such. I acknowledge that others do.

So, I would like to request that I can set a preference that lets me either work in markdown mode or wysiwyg mode. The latter letting me work directly in the rendered version of the note. But of course saving that as markdown, as per usual.

Proposed solution

Add a wysiwyg editor and a preference.

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This already exists, and there is a command to toggle between.

The command is: Toggle Live Preview/Source mode


Oh ok. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m guessing I’d like it improved then. So it works like a wysiwyg editor in live preview mode. So I get simple buttons I can format my stuff with.

I like Obsidian. I like Markdown as a format, and that I can open those files everywhere.
I just don’t like the UX of writing markdown. That part stinks. I did it in WordPerfect 5.1 back in the day. I’ve moved on since :wink:

So I guess that’s my feature request then :slight_smile:

If you want buttons, there are various plugins that might get you over the line, such as:

Worth looking at others, as well as searching the forum or discord channel.

Gotcha. Installed one. That works just fine for me :slight_smile: