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Please consider native apps for macOS!

Obsidian is the kind of excellent app idea that shouldn’t be merely housed in a web wrapper. A true native app would showcase its speed, efficiency, and polish the way a web wrapper/electron app can’t.


I wouldn’t get your hopes up, but of course every Mac user (myself included) would applaud the idea!


Yeah. Trying to support native on 3 OSs would be a lot of work. 5 if you include iOS and Android.

And that would be time not spent developing features.

SwiftUI (or Catalyst) would reduce drastically the time needed to maintain native Apple apps. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yep. And you’re covering two of the most used OSes at once


Hopefully effectively enough that when the devs get the chance to work on a mobile iOS app, making a native macOS version would be a piece of cake.

We’ll see!

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But not compared to Windows.

And the mobile apps are going to be lite versions - not duplicating desktop functions.

It’s the classic “best for fewer” vs. “average for most” tension!

Obsidian is unique in terms of vision, versatility and features, and its thriving plugin ecosystem is constantly growing and filling various people’s needs. I use it for everything and would just love (as @ryanjamurphy guesses) if it were Apple native.

Obsidian’s functional design and core functionality are such that it seems to be helping me (rather than being passive). This feel goes a long way in compensating for it not being Apple native. Implementing Obsidian using Swift for Apple operating systems would, however, almost instantly add a whole host of features that are available to native apps, would greatly improve its performance, and stabilise the user experience laterally and longitudinally on all three Apple platforms. This is especially relevant for people with very large vaults who use it all the time (like me).

People keep forgetting that Swift doesn’t mean “just macOS”.

Maybe they do @frankjonen, but I haven’t, hence my suggesting it as a potential candidate for Obsidian :wink:

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