Swapping panes resizes all of the other panes

Steps to reproduce

When I drag and rearrange stuff in Obsidian’s masonry mode, it just moves it around in all sorts of annoying ways!

Look, I’ve got this drag maneuver here.

Which changes to this:

And then I need to resize everything back to normal manually.

Expected result

I expect it to just switch the panes, not change the size of every other pane!

Ideally, this wouldn’t happen at all. I’ll make a feature request for this at some point, but I would love to be able to have certain arrangements of panes that I can just load up at any point to quickly clean up rather than having to do a lot of clicking and dragging. Vivaldi browser does something like this.


  • Operating system: M1 Macbook Air, 11.2.3
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.9

Additional information

This was also tracked here and is supposedly in the bug graveyard, but it’s still a problem. Rearranging pane changes the size of other panes

does this happen in the help vault? can you post a screen recording of that?

I couldn’t reproduce it with the help vault. Here are some recordings:

Tested on the default theme too:

Tried turning off community plugins by turning on safe mode, and the same thing happened.

Seems @licat figured this out. Should be fixed in 0.11.11

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Fantastic, thank you Licat and WhiteNoise!

I’ve spent most of my time on masonry mode in roam and still haven’t figured out what the equivalent on Obsidian is. @rob— what did you mean when you say Masonry mode? how do I enable it?

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I just mean the tiling that’s default! Just drag your panes around. https://twitter.com/RobertHaisfield/status/1293937464411709442?s=20