Swap Lines Has Many Bugs

I’m THRILLED to see this feature now - it is seriously my single biggest requirement and I’ve been looking around for a couple days for a separate markdown editor (or moving to other tools altogether) to accommodate this. I will officially end that search now and stick with Obsidian!

However, before that’s possible, some major bugs have to be worked out. I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly causes the bugs, as it is somewhat sporadic, but sometimes when you move a bullet/unordered list item either up or down past another bullet of a different level, sometimes the moved-bullet loses its “unordered list” status and just shows an asterisk in the Preview Pane. Other times (I think just when moving one down) all of the following bullets turn to asterisks. You can fix it by going to before the asterisk and pressing backspace once, but this sometimes changes its indent level.

My suggestion, whether its relevant to this bug or not, is to make the swap lines feature work as it does in OneNote - it literally just swaps lines and doesn’t care about any nested children.

It appears that the ordered/numbered list items work this way - moving up and down completely vertically, as expected. However, if you move an ordered list item up above the entire list, it is sort of floating there nonsensically. If you reduce the indent, the following list items turn to “NaN.”

Additionally, the numbers in ordered list items do not seem to update appropriately - swapping 2. with 1. has sporadic and buggy behavior - with numbers both above and below changing somewhat nonsensically.

The numbers in edit mode and preview mode also don’t tend to match after swapping line items.

To see what I mean with all of this, you’ll simply have to mess around with different lists of different levels. I also assume there are other bugs that I haven’t yet discovered…

A further related suggestion, and I can open a separate feature request if you like, is to create a command palette option for moving in/out on tab/indent space. It is seemingly the same as the tab/shift+tab, but subtly different in that it allows you to move the bullet in/out regardless of where the cursor is, whereas tab will only do this from the beginning of the line (and inserts a tab space if in the middle of the text). Moreover, having this as a command palette option would allow for binding to the left and right arrow - allowing for a “joystick” for selected list items.

I hope this can get ironed out soon - I’m unable to transfer my notes to Obsidian and carry on until it works. Thanks!

We appreciate the feedback but this is not an actionable bug report. Please, use the template.

Please, keep the bug reports compact and one issue at time. The feature request part should go to feature requests. Thanks.

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