SVG artifact due to default height/width values for img tag

Things I have tried

I’m not sure where to even start on this.

I used the dev tools and set the height and width of the img tag to 100vh and 100vw respectively. That seems to increase the size of the image, but it doesn’t make it scrollable, and some of my pages are bigger than the screen.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to use this in conjunction with an app called styluslabs write. It creates svg files, and it looks like obsidian will load those files, however they just show the upper right corner of the files. They all render as 300px x 150px. Everything outside that range just doesn’t render.

It looks like this is because the default values for height and width (possibly influenced by the clientheight and clientwidth properties) are set to 300px x 150px

Ultimately if there’s some css hack, or some plugin that just loads svgs as raw svg tags instead of imgs that might fix it.

It looks like some of the svgs from that app get saved differently, so i wonder if there’s some weird metadata that’s not being processed?

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