Suppress specific node

I would like to be able to suppress particular nodes in the graph view

My issue stems from the use of a hub note that links to a significant portion of other notes, I know the same thing can be accomplished with an effective filing system but the hub document maintains the given order and grouping of notes as well as appended information about the notes it links to

As a result, the hub note clogs up the graph view several meaningless links

The hub note being the big grey one in the middle

I would really like to be able to suppress just that node and its links in the graph view so that the remaining information is more visually parsable

Are you aware you can use filters in the graph view?

You can filter out a specific file with:

-file:"Your Hub Note Title"

I was aware I could use filters but I clearly did not understand their complete capacity, this is exactly what I was looking for

Thank you

The much more helpful version of the graph with that hub note removed incase anyone was wondering:

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