Support YAML aliases in Publish

Use case or problem

When using the search on my Publish site I cannot use the aliases I set in Obsidian for my notes.

Proposed solution

The aliases should be included in Obsidian Publish search, but shouldn’t be displayed at the beginning of each file.


This is definitely something I’d love to have too. I routinely use aliases to keep track of acronyms, but want the original note to contain the full name. But I think users may search for the more common acronym instead of typing out the much longer full name—it’s what I always do even when searching my own publish site.

It seems like nothing in the frontmatter is parsed by Publish at the moment. The tags in frontmatter support in app also doesn’t work with Publish.
Edit: The tag actually work. The frontmatter just doesn’t shown up.

This should work now.

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