Support WebP and JXL (JPEG XL) as attachment image file types

Use case or problem

I prefer to keep my attachment images small in file size, so I use WebP extensively as my primary image format. However, trying it seems that WebP is not supported and instead, Obsidian prefers PNG or JPEG. It would be better if WebP (which is already widely used in the internet) is also recognized as an image file, so that it can be displayed in the markdown viewer.

Also, JPEG XL is recently gaining traction, and might be the next de facto image standard, superseding JPEG. Since Chrome (and perhaps Electron?) supports it already (under a flag), having JPEG XL support would be awesome too.

Proposed solution

This is assuming that Obsidian is running on Electron, but I believe Electron already supports WebP by default, given that it’s a standard web image format, and that Electron is Chromium and Chromium should support WebP, so enabling this should just need adding “.webp” to the supported image extensions. Maybe. Sorry if I’m wrong.

Current workaround (optional)

I have to use JPEG or PNG to attach the files instead of my preferred format WebP (and soon, JPEG XL).

Please search before opening new FR. There is already an open one for WebP