Support the Github anchor format

Use case or problem

As we know, Github support markdown viewing directly in their web pages, so I just uploaded my notes to it and found some errors about anchor.

if you type [[# and choose a title with blank and use autocompletion, you will get an anchor with a URLEncoded format %20. If you change it to -, you can jump to proper position in Github and other viewers accepting this format but will fail in Obsidian.

An Example:

# Anchor Test(test)

Obsidian autocomplete: [Anchor Test(test)](#Anchor%20Test%20test)

‘Github’ format: [Anchor Test(test)](#anchor-testtest)

Besides, ()_ should be deleted and uppercase letters should be transformed to lowercase letters in ‘Github’ format

Proposed solution

Support the HTML(or maybe Github) anchor format and add an option to switch it for default.