Support symbolic links

Allow navigation, viewing, and search of symbolically linked files and subdirectories on platforms which support them.

Files sometimes must live in their own directory, because they are part of a project or a version controlled repo. Yet it can be very useful to include/gather such content from other directory trees into a single notes space, for a unified notes view. Symbolic links make this possible, but Obsidian currently ignores them. It would be great if they were treated as like other files and directories to whatever extent is feasible, eg appearing in file explorer, being viewable, searchable, etc.

[Duplicate of: Show/edit symbolic links [symlinks, folder links]]

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I am a little confused, If you have already made this request, why open a new thread?

I had forgotten it, and didn’t find it when I searched. After I created this one, the forum showed the other as a related topic.