Support styling of non ASCII tags (cyrillic, cjk)

Steps to reproduce

  1. type tag #qwe
  2. see editor html for the tag has class “tag-qwe”
  3. type tag #йцу
  4. see editor html for the tag has class “tag-”

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Expected result

I expect Obsidian to support unicode. It shouldn’t matter which language I use, the functionality should be uniform. It doesn’t make sense to be able to css-style my english tags, but be unable to css-style my russian tags.

Either print it as is class=“tag-йцу” (if that’s supported by specs), or use a transliteration library (if you want a lot of work and problems in future), or simply:

$tag_class_name = escape($tag)
if $tag_class_name == ""
then $tag_class_name = md5hash($tag) || base64($tag) || whateverhash($tag)

, just use some fingerprint of the tag, let me select this tag with CSS.

Actual result

I will be able to style not just tags written in English.


windows 10
obs v1.4.13

Additional information

Please, open a FR for this. Thanks!

it is not a requested feature. It is a bug in current encoding of tag names. Therefore a bugreport. If you want, I may remove the simple 3-line proposed solution, to make it look dumber.

There’s currently no encoding. If you want that we add encoding for non ASCII tags, open a feature request.

Nevermind, I’ll keep this in bug reports.


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