Support special characters in headings for linking

According to this thread,

Links to headers are stripped of punctuation characters. ## heading? and ## heading! are the same from Obsidian linking perspective.

I’d like Obsidian to not strip headings fully of non-alphanumeric characters. This would solve the issues in the linked thread, and make links to headings that only differ in non-alphanumeric characters resolve properly. This makes linking to and renaming these headings consistent.

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+1, though for a different use case. Links to headings that contain comments, or, even more so, Markdown external links look bad and are very confusing with their special characters stripped. ### Problems from [src]( becomes [[file#Problems from src https very long URL that I do not want to display]]. Ick!

In many cases, I can rectify this with display text but inside blocks of query output (e.g. dataview which is just one of many plugins to use Obsidian’s link normalization) selectively re-adding stripped formatting with display text becomes difficult or impossible.

Liam’s “Creases” plugin is an example of produced headings that become odd when the comment characters are stripped from the heading but the text inside comments remains, producing somewhat confusing results.

I can also see the utility of having ### ? and ### ! (e,g. headings that are just punctuation) when taking notes, as NomarCub mentions in the thread linked above.

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Updating to note Obsidian Release v0.16.0 (Insider build):

Can there please be a list somewhere of what is stripped and what is kept?