Support outbound/external URL Schemes

There’s a few threads and requests for supporting inbound URL Scheme to take action in Obsidian.

I am looking to reverse the flow and have support for outbound URL Schemes and support openers like the browsers do.

My immediate usecase is integrating with Omnifocus for task linking. I am keeping my tasks out of Obsidian but want a way to reference and link to Omnifocus tasks from Obsidian.

Here’s an example for creating a new task to show usage as linking to my tasks won’t work here:
or a sample task

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I moved this to #help.

URLs do work if you use markdown formatting for them [Do this very hard task](omnifocus:///add?name=Pick%20up%20milk&note=You%20gotta).

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Another option is <somedomain://url>, IIRC.

Thanks for this. I’d actually tried this link format and it didn’t work which is why I posted here.

Just upgraded to 0.9.22 and it worked. Yes!