Support or a plugin chordpro format

I want to write songs in obsidian.
The linking system in Obsidian will be great to track how and what I write about as well as reveal areas to pursue.

I currently use a an iPad to display the chordpro format.
It would be great to have that ability to display the format correctly in view mode.

I second this request. I perform, and would like to have an Obsidian vault for my song collection. It would be so easy to make setlists, make edits on the fly, etc. Currently I use Songbook by Linkesoft on a tablet and sync with Dropbox. Obsidian would be really nice.

I did see “obsidian jTab” in the community plugins, by davfive.
However, recent version fails to load in current v obsid (0.14.6).

I found this
which looks very interesting.
I also found two ppl who wrote a chordpro to wordpress plugin. I emailed them, but did not get a reply. Here is another one

My coding skills are limited.
Perhaps we or with others could try to work on this together.
I have not tried to make a plugin, for obsidian, yet.
I have written several scripts for ahk but that is the extent of my coding.

Perhaps someone reading this could point us in the right direction?


Thanks for looking into this. My coding skills are limited too, and I don’t have time to learn how to build a plugin. I certainly don’t need chord diagrams over the lyric (I had the impression that’s what jtab does), just the name.
In the meantime what I can offer as a work-around is to convert your chordpro files to regular text files showing the chord on top of the lyrics. There are some batch converters that will do this for you - chordsmith is the one I use most. The catch is you need to display in a monospaced font so that the chord names line up.
But an actual chordpro viewer would be nice, since you can generally display the chords in a different colour, larger, etc. which is nice for performance.