Support line breaker in the search bar?

Use case or problem

Please correct me if I’m wrong, currently, I don’t know how to search&replace a line breaker in the editor. It is needed when I want to remove multiple empty spaces in the file.

Proposed solution

In VS Code, the line breaker can be typed in search bar using Shift+Enter. Hope Obsidian could support a similar feature.

Don’t Regex work in find/replace?

Hello @stevelw , thanks for your reply. I didn’t know it supports Regex, I couldn’t find any docs regarding the Regex support either. Would you mind providing more details? Thanks so much.

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I’d assumed that as regex work in Search that it also worked in Find, but I was wrong.

You can add your +1 to the feature request here but that thread also suggests you can use Vim mode to do this already.