Support line breaker in the search bar?

Use case or problem

Please correct me if I’m wrong, currently, I don’t know how to search&replace a line breaker in the editor. It is needed when I want to remove multiple empty spaces in the file.

Proposed solution

In VS Code, the line breaker can be typed in search bar using Shift+Enter. Hope Obsidian could support a similar feature.

Don’t Regex work in find/replace?

Hello @stevelw , thanks for your reply. I didn’t know it supports Regex, I couldn’t find any docs regarding the Regex support either. Would you mind providing more details? Thanks so much.


I’d assumed that as regex work in Search that it also worked in Find, but I was wrong.

You can add your +1 to the feature request here but that thread also suggests you can use Vim mode to do this already.