Support internal links to work in reference-style links

Use case or problem

Allow internal links to work as reference links (i.e., the Markdown link style where you write [link text][link-id] and [link-id]: the/url).

Proposed solution



should work exactly the same as


Current workaround (optional)

You can write these as a URL (see, e.g., here).

Related feature requests (optional)

Related bug report:


I had the same problem, hope Obsidian will consider this feature.

another similar post:

Hope to solve this problem one day.

I just ran into this myself and had a bug report rejected since this feature request already existed.

I’m not sure I agree with treating this as a feature request; not supporting reference-style links with URLs that work in other contexts should be treated as a bug as Obsidian is not correctly handling Markdown (for reference, see Basic Syntax | Markdown Guide).

CC: @ariehen @WhiteNoise