Support hidden folder as a template folder

Enable the “template” plugin.
Set “.obsidian\template” as the template folder, the plugin will say not found the folder even if it is exists.
Also, could you add “new with template” on right click content menu?


Also want this to be implemented for several reasons.

  1. To align file structure with other note management tools i am using from the terminal.
  2. To hide the Templates folder from the file tree.

I don’t agree that only .obsidian directory should be allowed to store regular and custom plugin templates. User mus be able to specify any hidden directory to store his templates.

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I did just try this exact location. I think it’s very useful to keep things clean. Additionally using hidden folders automatically hides it from the node view.

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I would like to see this as well. As a developer, I immediately tried to create and use a .templates directory and it took me probably 10 minutes to realize that (for whatever reason) a hidden directory just doesn’t work. The UI here around not being able to find the directory could really use some work, too.

The solution might easily be:
make folders with "."prefix only hidden for file browser.

I would also love to hide my attachments. All this stuff is hidden in a folder structure inside a “zzz” folder that at least sits on the very bottom of it all. But it’s far from elegant.


+1 for .templates (and hidden folders support in general).
Like @petergaultney, it is the first thing I tried when setting up my first template.
I’d happily contribute a pull request for this if I could. :smiling_face: