Support for Linux Mobile

Use case or problem

Currently it is not possible to use Obsidian app whitheout keyboard connected via USB.
I am testing on Manjaro Plasma Mobile running on Pinephone

I am running Appimage

There are also issues with UI. As you can see the window is not maximized in the first menu for creating vault.

Main issue is that software keyboard does not show up when clicked inside of textbox.

UI used is from Desktop app. It is not great for usage however it is usable and all features seem to be accessible and working correctly.

Proposed solution

Fix of software keyboard not showing up should be either changing type of object or minor tweaks in GUI library settings.

Next thing to fix is UI to be optimized for mobile use

For testing you can find how to run Plasma Mobile as virtual machine here:

Current workaround (optional)

Currently only way of using Obsidian is plugging in external keyboard to the phone