Support for languages: DAX and Power Query

I’m not a programmer but a data analist using Power BI and subsequent tools.

Currently I’m using OneNote, but it’s not great for archiving code examples in the two languages DAX and Power Query that Power BI uses. I really like to migrate to Obsidian.

However, Obsidian (and/or markdown in general) doesn’t support these two languages.

Visual Code does:

Without the support the code is just as difficult to read as in OneNote, so I’m hoping someone is interested (and kind) to add support for it.

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Obsidian already supports syntax highlighting for these languages, in reading mode.

You can find the full list here:

For Live Preview the list is way smaller as a different library is powering that, to allow for editing.

I see, that indeed works.

Still, some way to have extra languages in edit mode would be great. I understand that that isn’t easy, but maybe one can think about it.