Support for iA Writer style of image and files transclusion

Can we get a way to embed images and files more compatible with other text editors?


please support iA Writer style of image and file embedding:

Multimarkdown has a transclusion syntax, but is too similar to the note linking syntax in Obsidian, but the folks at iA Writer have a very nice syntax, which has been proposed to be included as extension in CommonMark.

One of the main strengths of Obsidian is the fact that at the core, is based on a collection of markdown files.
I think notes in Obsidian should be as less locked in as possible and they should be as much compatible with other text editors.

At the moment iA Writer is a excellent way to use an Obsidian vault on mobile.

The current Obsidian transclusion syntax:

![[Accepted file formats]]

does not work in other markdown editors because it lacks the actual link to the file.

the default link syntax for Markdown works everywhere (only for images) but is a pain to type, as opposed to the drag and drop way of the standard Obsidian way to embed files.


If I use the drag and drop method in iA Writer it results in this syntax:


which is actually very nice.

iA Inc have published a spec for Markdown Content Blocks (transclusion) over on GitHub:

I propose to :

  • support the iA Writer syntax in addition to the current one OR
  • give the user an option to use standard markdown syntax when dragging and dropping links (less convenient, would require to copy images in the default attachment folder and dragging from there)
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This is likely a good candidate for an independent plugin.

FWIW, I think the approach Obsidian uses adheres to Wiki-style conventions. This is ultimately a classic standards problem in which everyone proposes a standard for something, and therefore there are no standards… (See also, markdown…)


I agree, too many flavors of MD…

Well… tried to standardize and write complete specs…
Unfortunately didn’t gain traction

I guess a discussion could happen about what is a note (referenced with a wiki style syntax) and what is an attachment (embedded with markdown image link syntax or iA Writer transclusion syntax etc…)

Also what is embedding and what is referencing?

To me looks like the wiki style is perfect for Note-linking but is not optimal for content embedding or attaching.

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In general, I see little gain from trying to find a better pan. There’s no sign that the variations will disappear anytime soon.

Easy conversion is likely a better way to go.

I can see that iA users would like that syntax shared. I don’t like iA though.
I’m hoping mobile Obsidian will smooth the constant frictions in daily mobile use.

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Does iA Writer support standard MD links? I’m tempted to merge with Use standard MD links for images

This thread focuses specifically on iA Writer’s special transclusion syntax, so I don’t think merging would make sense.