Support for EPS images

Use case or problem

I’m working with a professor to adapt a large body of work from a linear format (a series of books) to a distributed model. Most of the diagrams/images are vector images in the format of eps (encapsulated post script) that are not currently supported in obsidian.

Proposed solution

Obsidian already supports vector graphics in the form of svg. Unsure of how different the encoding is between eps/svg. Propose adding eps support for image links/embeds.

Current workaround (optional)

Right now I can load an EPS into Gimp and export the vectors, but have to manually select all of the vectors by hand which takes a while. If I only had a few images that would be doable, but with 1000’s of images… a bit less so. I’ve looked at a few image conversion options, but nothing has shown efficient or effective.

Related feature requests (optional)

If anyone has a good way of converting EPS to SVG quickly and accurately I’d be amenable. I have tried a few image converters but haven’t found anything good.

Forums won’t allow an upload of an EPS file as example, but here is a link to one:

We support what chrome supports. No more no less.

Does chrome opens eps files?