Support edit-in-place behavior for files in iOS local vault

See Starting from iOS 17, sharing files in vault to other apps always creates a copy in their storage for a relevant discussion.

Use case or problem

Prior to iOS 17, it was possible to use iOS native “Share” feature to open a PDF file in a local iOS obsidian vault in a third-party app to annotate it and have changes saved directly to the local vault.

After iOS 17, now sharing always creates a copy of a file in the destination app, and any changes made to it is only saved to that copy.

This is most likely cause by an update of how iOS 17 deals with file systems, and a neglect from involved apps (Obsidian, or the receiving app) side to manually test and support this “edit-in-place” behavior.

Proposed solution

Please take a look at the relevant code to see if it is feasible to support this behavior on iOS 17.
If this is not possible alone for Obsidian, it would be nice if I am provided with technical details on why it is not possible, and maybe what changes should be made from the receiving end’s side (again in a technical manner), so that I suggest a change to third-party apps.