Support CKEditor5 Markdown Editor

CKEditor5 have a Mardown (MD) editor. Its genius, Can Obsidian support it?

Proposed solution

Here’s CKEditor5 - Works anywhere.

Here’s a link of Demo: Markdown output - CKEditor 5 Documentation

I wish Obsidian team look into it. Or maybe do a plugin for it…

My account name are joke :wink:

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This should be the real way to do WYSIWYG in the editor, not just the weird mix that is now.
I can’t stand the jumping text when editing, it is just so wrong

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To save anyone else time, here’s the direct link to the live Markdown demo rather than the documentation:

While I don’t personally have a problem with the current editing mode, I am intrigued by this as an option provided by a plugin.

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