Support CKEditor5 Markdown Editor

CKEditor5 have a Mardown (MD) editor. Its genius, Can Obsidian support it?

Proposed solution

Here’s CKEditor5 - Works anywhere.

Here’s a link of Demo: Markdown output - CKEditor 5 Documentation

I wish Obsidian team look into it. Or maybe do a plugin for it…

My account name are joke :wink:

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This should be the real way to do WYSIWYG in the editor, not just the weird mix that is now.
I can’t stand the jumping text when editing, it is just so wrong


To save anyone else time, here’s the direct link to the live Markdown demo rather than the documentation:

While I don’t personally have a problem with the current editing mode, I am intrigued by this as an option provided by a plugin.

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Hi there!
Is there any chance one can see this plugin coming to life?
I would be glad to help, if anyone can ppoint me in the right driection…
Best regards, MT

I don’t have experience with this part of the API, but I’m guessing you would need to create a custom view and hook into the file-open event to open your custom editor instead.

That might point you in the right direction at least!

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I agree that implementing a WYSIWYG editor like CKEditor5 into Obsidian could be a valuable addition. It seems that many users find the lack of a true WYSIWYG experience in Obsidian to be a limitation, especially when it comes to handling more complex formatting tasks or achieving a smoother editing flow. A plugin of this sort would make it easier for users who are accustomed to more traditional text editors while still preserving the Markdown capabilities that many love about Obsidian.

Given that Obsidian has a very active community and plugin ecosystem, it wouldn’t be too surprising if someone picks up this idea and actually develops it. It’s good that people in the thread are even offering to contribute to the plugin’s development, as community involvement is often crucial for these kinds of projects.

So, yes, it’s a great idea, and I think it’s something that could fill a notable gap in Obsidian’s feature set.


Hey AlalnG,
thank you so much for providing this Information, I will dig into this.

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