Support choosing plugin version

Often plugin updates break Obsidian. When this happens, we need to manually download the last working version from the github repo. It would be great if there’s a way to choose among available plugin versions so that we can easily downgrade the version.


Would you not just choose the next lowest version than the one that breaks obsidian for you?

Lots of software has the idea of a ‘stable’ release and a ‘beta’ release. It might solve your problem if you think of the latest release as a ‘beta’ and the one before that as ‘stable’.

In reality, no community plugin is guaranteed to be as stable as most software you use as they’re developed by single people mostly in their spare time. Occasional breaking changes are to be expected, unfortunately.

Also as an aside, I’ve never had a community plugin break obsidian despite using it for a few months and updating regularly. Might be specific plugins you’re having trouble with?

Exactly. This is why we need version management.

Currently, Breadcrumb is broken as noted in this Github Issue. I’ve experienced similar issues from other plugins in the past.

I’m not blaming the devs. I’m just providing a suggestion as a solution to this problem.

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This would definitely make life easier. It’s possible to install old versions manually, but then you can no longer use the “Update All” button in the Plugin menu, since you then would update the plugin you want to use an old version of.

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