Support all file types for the Publish service

This is a followup from my old archived feature request.

I kindly request that Obsidian Publish (that is, the service and the plugin) support any kind of file type. That is, not just images, audio, videos, and PDFs.

Use case or problem

I drop and reference any kind of file into my Obsidian Vaults, not limited to images, audio, videos, and PDFs.

Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Documents, spreadsheets, and keynotes (from both Microsoft and Apple office suites)
  • Archives (zip, rar, tar.gz, etc.)

My public notes have broken links to “forbidden” attachments. I would like to share related attachments in my public notes.

This missed functionality severely limits the potential of Obsidian Publish.

Proposed solution

Allow publishing any file type in Obsidian Publish.

When a file can’t be visualized, make it downloadable instead of having it shown inline like with a pic.

Current workaround (optional)

Hosting files with another cloud solution and link to them in notes. Clunky.

Thanks for considering!

This would be helpful for me too. I published several notes on 3d printing, and I included several stl files. On the published site, neither the files nor the corresponding links are visible.

I understand this design choice might be driven by security, but then no binary files should be allowed since it is possible to craft malicious images, videos, and PDF files.

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Already implemented.

Could you elaborate? The issue still persists for me.