Superscript and Subscript text

When typing things out for my work, LaTeX is sometimes not suitable as it is often stating a single variable. Having syntax similar to LaTeX would be preferable (’^{…}’ for superscript and ‘_{…}’ for subscript). Power features could be to adjust the offset but with simplicity in mind, this may be offering too much power or just be unnecessary.


within latex, you should use \mathoperator or other macros to define variables or operatos that contain more than one letter.

It’s unlikely that we deviate much from the standard markdown notation in the core app. Maybe in a plugin!

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I Have tried to use inline LaTeX operator ($) in addition to the double operator but neither seems to work. I have also tried using footnotes to achieve the same effect as a superscript but doesn’t work. Do you know how i would be able to combat this? I have attached an image of how I am currently writing my text when I have to do dimensional analysis for equations.

Inline latex is not here yet, but I believe is on the roadmap


Inline maths is coming next release as stated in the roadmap. :smile:

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