Summarise notes when referencing

Things I have tried

Searching in this forum, on web browsers and asking GPT-X.

What I’m trying to do

This is a fairly basic idea and I’m sure there are implementations for it but I can’t work out the correct term to search for. Essentailly, I want to autopopulate my daily notes with a summary of the notes that I’ve taken on that day.

My idea is to have a yaml block at the top of each note. Then I can reference the central parent notes in my daily note so I can quickly scan through to see what I was working on for that day.

Roughly speaking, I would have a yaml block at the top of each note:

Tags: #organising #obsidian #life_hacks #important 
Description: Notes on Obsidian shortcuts and tricks
Contains: [[useful_plugins]], [[power_users]], [[obsidian_links]]
aliases: Obsidian_tricks

Then, I want to import these to my daily note, to give

Ideally my daily would be updated automatically each time I make a new note but, for now, I’d be happy just to manually update my daily by referencing the note in question and having the summary autopopulated.

This should be achievable with using dataview. Just search for your daily notes, and extract the fields from the frontmatter.

It could even be a little easier, if you just extract the outlinks from each daily notes, as you then wouldn’t have to populate the contains field. Although, then it would link all outgoing links (not shown by queries).

With such a scheme you’d only have to write the Description, and the query would gather the rest.

Related to formatting, the easier option would be to use a table query, but the nicer option would be to use a dataviewjs query, and build the paragraph yourself.

Hope this helps with regards to providing you some options as to how this can be done, and what to research (aja Dataview plugin). Feel free to post your attempts and ask for further guidance.

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