Suggestions on how to organise email threads

Hi all, I need to organise a series of emails on a timeline and I’m looking for ideas on how to do it.

All the emails are pasted on long PDFs, sometimes I have the entire thread pasted there, or single emails. On occasion they contain attachments.

I’d like to create some sort of timeline, so I can also connect events that have happened on the same day, for example.

At this point I have no idea how to approach it so any suggestion or even minor points to consider would be helpful!

A simple start would be to make a chronological list of links to the files. It could be expanded with short summaries of them.

There is at least one community plugin for making timelines. Might be worth a look (I’ve never used it).

thanks for the suggestion. Do you know if it is possible to point to specific parts of the file, though? (I don’t think it’s currently possible).

The reason I ask, is I have these big PDF documents which contain lots of different email threads, each one with different dates and/or people involved. Pointing to the file would not be useful without the ability to point to a specific part of that file.

Probably not, but check the community plugins. I vaguely remember seeing something recently that claimed to be able to do that (but I might be misremembering, or it might have been something outside of Obsidian).

You could also research options for extracting those emails from the PDFs so you could store them in a more flexible format.

As a workaround, you could write the page number of each email you want to link to. Then instead of clicking a link, the flow would be to click the link, write the page number in the page number box, and press Return (or scroll if Obsidian’s PDF viewer doesn’t have a page-number box). It’s slower, buy maybe acceptable.

To my surprise, you can link to specific pages in a PDF.