Suggestions for tag search results (cards, advanced search, reference lines)

Something about the tag search results, although I digg it, feels incomplete.

I am particularly concerned when I consider ways to sort through all the tag references I have. What happens if I’m working with 200 tag references? How does anyone sort through that?

Seems like the best I can get to getting as much results in the window as possible is by extending it, like this:

A few suggestions:

I think some of my suggestions can be molded into a single solution. I am just looking

1. A Card-list kind of layout?

I considered this as a way to fit in as many files as possible.

2. Advanced search?

Could work.

3. Show title, but instead of search results, show line number location where the tags are present.

Something like this:
and you could click on the line and it takes you to the reference point.

Maybe this particular one could work as a plug-in, but I am not totally clear on how these sorts of things are considered. I figured since we already have a way to link to the reference tags on the markdown page anyway, this one could be the most feasible or the quickest one to implement.

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I think it’s always worth remembering that you aren’t limited to working within Obsidian. You can have sophisticated search with regex and a variety of display options using other programs. It’s one of the advantages of a file based system.

Obsidian is developing rapidly but it’s good to know that you can do anything you want even if it’s something that Obsidian never incorporates.

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I think this was covered with the new search features.

I think the clickable line number location would be really intuitive addition to the app, but there is an advanced search atm, so thats been really helpful.

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+1 for card view option of search

This can help use the query option more (as it becomes more good looking) allowing a cleaner index note for a certain tag for example.

I actually maintain these index notes manually for now, it would be nice to see this
(kinda related to the card view thingy but not the search query Note Comments / Evernote like layout / Note thumbnails Grid View)