Suggestions for importing full text of many markdown files at once?

I have about 10,000 markdown files, each with anywhere from 2-200 links. I understand that folding doesn’t work in preview mode.

Currently, I have each note properly titled and organized in a proper folder. So technically, I kind of have folding, within explorer, but would much prefer it in a note.

Assuming I am happy with the folding in edit mode, is there any way to quickly bring in all the text from my many markdown files at once similar to the way Obsidian creates a list of many embedded markdown files automatically when dragging and dropping from a folder?

I am already brainstorming ways I could create an AHK script. Or maybe I will just copy and paste each entire file manually into one note. I know it can’t take much longer than a few hours for the number I am dealing with, but I just feel like there must be a better way.

I am using Windows 10 with Obsidian version 0.8.14. Thanks for the help.

I found a way to do it. In LibreOffice Writer, I created a Master Document, then did Insert File and selected many files. Then I selected the entire resulting document, copied it, and Paste Unformatted it into a new regular document. Finally I can copy and paste this into Obsidian.

The only thing I would really like is the ability to include the file names before their content.

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I would accomplish this via a macro/script, but yes, I think you’ve found one of the better ways.

I’m currently doing something similar but it needs to be done manually. It’s tedious, but hopefully it also brings clarity to your thinking!

PS: moved this to #knowledge-management as it sounds like you’ve found a solution but I assume others might have suggestions over time.

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Thanks. Good call. I was able to create a script to add the file name at the beginning of the file. And now I am getting a little greedy, and was able to get all of the links tabbed in regardless of the number of lines.

After F2, ctrl c, enter, enter, the trick was to down arrow all the way to the bottom (okay to have extra down arrows), then up arrow/tab/left arrow all the way to the top to indent each line (okay to have extra up arrows then tabs then left arrows), then a ctrl shift right arrow (to select extra space), backspace, enter, tab, up arrow, paste file name, save, close, down arrow, repeat…

You originally introduced me to AHK in a post I had made about automating Obsidian, and I really appreciate it very much. I wanted to thank you.

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No sweat! Automation is briliant!