Suggestions for DnD

Hi all, Obsidian noob here. I’m looking to create a graph view of relationships between places, characters, objects, legends etc for a D&D campaign (I’m not DM, but the campaign is getting huge and onenote just isn’t cutting it anymore). Does anyone have experience of this specific use case? Any suggestions for either starting templates I can modify or other suggestions? Thanks in advance. I’m reading documentation and have started one version, but before I go too deep I was just looking for guidance. thanks again. Duke


There are a ton of D&D related posts. I’d suggest searching the forums. There’s a lot to find. :slight_smile:

Cool! Welcome! Also, the Josh Plunkett YouTube channel has some very interesting videos on using Obsidian with plugins in this context. I think it is worth checking them out. His setup is impressive.

Good luck!