Suggestion: Keyboard shortcuts for navigating back & forth

Use case or problem

I would like to be able to easily move back and forth between files with single keyboard shortcuts. I do have the menu option (“View → Navigate back” and “View → Navigate forward”) but no keyboard shortcuts are associated.

Proposed solution

Associate keyboard shortcuts that match with other macOS applications:

  • Navigate back: Cmd-[
  • Navigate forward: Cmd-]

These shortcuts also work like this in Google Chrome and Safari.

Current workaround (optional)

In theory I should have been able to add the shortcuts manually in System Preferences → Keyboard → Shortcuts → App Shortcuts.

However, this does not work for some reason. When I configure the shortcuts there, and press Cmd-], then the current line is indented. So I guess the application overrides my shortcut somehow.

Related feature requests (optional)


Have you tried configuring hotkeys for the Navigate back and Navigate forward functions in Obsidian?

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Cmd-[ and Cmd-] control indentation in text editors on MacOS. I don’t know if the App Shortcuts setting you used will override that (if not, I’d hope it would say so when you tried).

Navigate back and Navigate forward in Obsidian are Cmd-Opt-← and Cmd-Opt-→. You can see them in the command palette (Cmd-P, then type “nav”). (Unless I set those myself and forgot, but I don’t think I did.) You can change them to whatever you want in Settings > Hotkeys. I don’t know why the shortcuts aren’t in the View menu.

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Thanks a lot @PR-C and @CawlinTeffid. Indeed I’ve been able to configure it directly inside the app – this is very nice!