Suggestion: Draw IO integration plugin with links and embed

With all the changes to Obsidian, it is quickly overcoming all of the initial caveats that I had in switching over from running a bunch of markdown files in VScode. One thing I’d like to suggest is integration of Draw IO files. Several people have mentioned working with diagrams and more visual elements.

Mermaid diagrams are good for more simple diagrams, but more complicated diagrams would benefit from something more complete.

Having the ability to make a diagram that also had internal obsidian links and embedded content would allow for some super nice MoC pages and other visualizations for those of us who are more visual oriented.

There is a plugin for VScode (link to git repo). I know both are electron apps, but it would entail more than a simple fork with minor modifications. The outcome would be worth it in my mind though.


Yeah, that’s a good idea.

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+1 for this great idea.
It would be amazing to have support.


I find out that Obsidian can show SVG in its preview mode. Meanwhile, if you draw and save a diagram as “.svg”, you are still able to edit this diagram in the future (great work,!). So, the current solution is:

  1. Open (executable, or Visual Code plugin, or etc.), draw your graph, save as “.svg”
  2. Use ![[some_dir/some_name.svg]] to display your figure in the note.
  3. Open the SVG you want to edit in to update the figure.
  4. Ctrl+R to refresh the preview in Obsidian.

A simple idea is that if I can right click on the diagram, select “open with” (standalone executable, VS code, or whatever I have on the machine), open the figure outside Obsidian. No extra work (editor, rendering, …) is needed.


To draw MOCs, like a simple diagram would be indeed super-useful.
Bonus points if you rename or connect notes in the diagram itself, visual thinkers will enjoy :slight_smile:

There are also alternatives to, that could be considered, like: Excalidraw · GitHub

So happy to see this thread. My hopes are up.

Would be totally satisfied with what is explained here.

But to think out loud, I am not sure if there is any existing way that could bring all 3 dimensions into play in this regard. Perhaps even with rearrangements of the content shown in sequence from different points of view. So just four dimensional. That’s all I ask, ha.

But seriously, just the thought of this all has definitely already made my day.

Thank you.