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What I’m trying to do

I am fairly new to Obsidian. I have been learning the markdown syntax and now as I’m exploring more of Obsidian I do realize that the knowledge of coding can really help with dataview and tamplater plugins among others. I have done some coding earlier during my study days. I am willing to learn coding but I’m just not sure from where exactly should I begin. I rad about javascript, CSS and Mustache language but i am confused from where can I start. The syntax and codes used in templater and dataview appear daunting to me sometimes but I want to understand them to enhance my usage of Obsidian.

Things I have tried

I have started learning markdown. I am exploring resources for CSS also. But apart from that I don’t have much idea what I need to start with.

I would say try to learn as you go, and don’t try to understand all of it from the beginning. The details of any of these can be daunting. has loads of resources, and even though I know most of these, this site is one site I keep coming back to for verification of various syntax and options. This site would cover the javascript, CSS (and html) part of what you mention.

Regarding Templater (doc) and Dataview (doc), that’s something else. You’ve got their respective documentation sites, but alas neither is really good for learning stuff, and they are better for looking details and variation. For these two I would suggest spending time in the forum, research your use cases and learn how to search in this forum (or reddit or discord, if you’re into either of those).

For Dataview a rather extensive example vault with loads upon loads of queries exist. I’ve not used it a lot, but I do have it around, and should most likely search within it for various cases. See GitHub - s-blu/obsidian_dataview_example_vault: A example vault to collect and showcase various dataview queries. Created on behalf of AB1908

However, I reckon it should have some of both beginner and more advanced queries with example data readily available. And it does provide some alternate syntax cases showing what can be done using dataview.

So there are some resources, but I still lean towards that there is nothing better than figuring out your own use cases, and then research/learn related to how to solve that. And if you post questions related to that, which show what you’ve got so far, and where you’re stuck, and so on, you’ll most likely get help within this forum to move forward.


Thank you very much for the advice and suggestions. I will surely check out the websites that you have mentioned and keep an eye on the examples on the forum, discord and reddit.

This really made sense and I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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