Suddha theme v.1.3 [update for Obsidian v0.12.1]

Simple but still fancy dual color theme




  • clean and minimalistic look
  • custom accent color, elements color (inside CSS file)
  • custom brightness of the backgroud
  • small line-hight in file explorer
  • show many information on small area
  • extra icons
  • main buttons are hidden
  • clean and modern typescripts
  • huge amount of UI elements that are polished



In the screenshot…on the bottom right. What is that? Looks like a day/timeblock view? How do you get that going?

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This is super beautiful, but how do you hide the header # format. Also how do you change the day planner graph to the colors you have?


  1. I’m not sure you are referring to.
  2. For day planner CSS snippets just search for keyword “Obsidian-daily-tasker-plugin”.


  • Bug fixes related to new object names in Obsidian update
  • Bug fixes of colors
  • Bug fixes of navigation bar
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Dear Den, I consider your theme one of my favourites for both desktop and mobile.
Although there is an issue, that hinders me to use your theme at all.

When i turn on “sliding pane (andy mode)” something blocks the three icons (preview, close and more options) as well as the name of the pane. I am adding some screenshots enclosed.

FYI - I try to reduce the issue - by switching off **all core and community plugins - and the issue happens with Sliding pane turn on.

Thank you.
Sincerely, N

Thank you very much!

I’m personally not using the Sliding pane plugin. The issue can be because the note name position is calculated depending on the note width. Here the plugin is messing something in this calculation as it is rotated 90*.

I will try to replicate your problem and fix if possible! I know sliding pane plugin is quite popular.

UI Doesn’t Scale Properly!
It’s a beautiful theme but UI look too small on high DPI displays.