Suddenly many dozens of tags I did not create

Refreshed OBS, issue persists. Diabled Tag Wrangler, issue persists. Looked to see if File Recovery plugin would find tags, it does not, only files.

What I’m trying to do:

maintain carefully selected tag structure

Suddenly, I have several dozen unintended tags that seem to have come from an Atlantic article I added as a page via MarkDownload chrome plugin.

Tags will be useless to me now populated by irrelevant tags vastly outnumbering my dozen carefully selected tags early in the life of this vault.

I’m betting this is fixable, I’m certain i don’t know how to do it without help. Thanks in advance for insights, and also how to prevent this from happening again.

Help not possible without any information.

What you can do: Find a few of the unwanted tags and locate the exact places where they occur within the document(s). Observe what characters immediately precede or follow the tag name within the text. Remove the Atlantic article from the vault and manually change the text so that it will not contain spurious tags. Use a plain text editor with a reasonable potent global change function. Add the article to the vault again.

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None of the “new tags” from the Atlantic article are associated with any characters before or after. Not a hashtag to be found, yet they show up as if they all are preceded by the hashtag. I will delete the article, since I have it elsewhere. RESULTS: article deleted, obsidian closed and restarted, tags that persist are intentional. I have not a clue how this error occurred, but deleting the offending article import took care of the problem. Weird.

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