Suddenly black screen

I had a problem today, my Obsidian Vault suddenly blacked out, restarted many times but it wouldn’t open, no matter what.

What I’m trying to do

I’m not sure exactly what the problem is, and I’d like to find out why, here’s my speculation.

I recalled what I did today: I generated a lot of md files with a Python script, and these files are read by DB Folder and dataview.

The plugin I’m using that could be causing the problem: the

  • dataview
  • DB Folder
  • obsidian-spaced-repetition
  • quickadd
  • excalidraw
  • obsidian-tray (this is a third-party plugin to hide Obsidian in the backend, I’ve used it for a long time, no problems)

Things I have tried

I tried deleting the workspace file workspace.json, the Vault is back to normal, but the workspace settings are cleared.
I also tried to copy some settings from the old workspace file to the new workspace file, and the settings in “left-ribbon” were restored successfully, but when “left” and “right” are restored, the black screen appears again.

If you suspect some plugin to be the culprit, go into .obsidian folder and community-plugins.json file with any text editor and delete the lines containing dataview or DB folder or anything at all, or actually delete all. Save.
Open Obsidian.

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