Subpages organization for the Dataview Database

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I am organizing my Notion export ATM.
Moved all databases to the hierarchical structure with the data folder + items files and index file representing the table from the dataview plugin.
... has the very basic dataview select like

table Attribute1, Attribute2
from "Path to/Index"

This works great!
But in case of building this table by Dataview file doesn’t contain the exact link to to the Items files and therefore this link is not shown in the Graph view

The question is

How can I display all the → link in the Graph view?

Will appreciate any help! Thank you!

I’m not sure if I understand well your point. But dataview view is just that, a “view”, not a real content placed in your note. That’s why the links in the results don’t show up in the graph view (because they’re not outlinks).

Thank for your reply!

Absolutely. I understand that.
The main question is simple: is there any ability to automatically link notes based on the directory hierarchy to create a graph view based on the folders structure?

And why the Dataview is here? Well, some folder with Items (that represent the row of the data view) is dynamic. Yes, it may be solved with the index page, but this is exactly what Dataview does automatically.

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