Sublime Text's Multiselect

Any chance we can get Sublime Text’s multi-select feature in Obsidian?

It is tremendously helpful to manipulate files that follow a particular pattern and modify them accordingly.

For example, you could have a list of items that have nothing in common but still select empty spaces and new lines and manipulate like so to draft a message that can be later batch processed.


Multiselecting your done/pending ToDo items and carrying them over to a new file,… multiselecting Obsidian across a document and renaming all entries of Obsidian to ObsidianMD, multiselecting all your H1 Headings and creating a table of contents almost instantly…

Over the years, it is one of the applications I’ve always had to install in every system I use due to the time saved when processing files with a pattern.


In Sublime Text this feature can be used as simply as by selecting certain text and pressing multiple times Cmd+D / Ctrl + D

On my mac, option+Click already does work to create multiple cursors. (I’m guessing thanks to this CodeMirror Reference Manual)


There are two plugins that have this feature

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