Subfolders do not appear as candidates for where to move files and folders

I have noticed that when I use the “Move File to” or “Move Folder to” commands, only the home level folders are shown as candidates for the destination, and subfolders at lower levels are no longer shown.

For example: If I have folders /a/b and c/d, then /a and /c are displayed as candidates for the destination, but /a/b and /c/d are not displayed.
If I type “a” again in the search field, then /a/b appears as a candidate.

I don’t know when this happened, but I think subfolders used to appear as candidates by default.

This is only seen in my main vault, not sandbox vault or other vaults.
I have rebooted with safe mode on, but no improvement.

If anyone knows how to fix it or what to check, please let me know.

I move notes all the time and have not seen this. Does it do this in safe mode… all plugins off?

All the popups that you see in obsidian are suggestion lists that refine as you type, they are NOT exhaustive lists.

Thank you for your response.

I have tried enabling safe mode and that did not improve the situation.
Reloading app without saving command also didn’t work.

Please allow me to confirm.
I thought that in the Move command, when the search field is initially blank, the suggestion list shows all folders, including subfolders, comprehensively, and then the inputting some letters narrows it down.
Is it actually a specification that not all subfolders are sometimes not listed as candidates, even in the initial state(with blank search field)?
If so, do you know what the conditions are (e.g., when the number of subfolders exceeds a certain number)?

In addition, I sync the vault with Obsidian Sync and use it on multiple devices (3PCs, iPhone), and I can see this on all PCs, but I noticed that on iOS, all subfolders are still initially suggested as I would expect.

Nope. It will display the first 20 odd (have not counted). If you have a folder scheme, then it’s easy to narrow down as you type.

So for, e.g., I have folders that follow the convention of YY-class-subclass (sometimes class is enough) e.g., 22-prjs-gardening

Notes follow the same methodology of YY-class-subclass e.g., 22-prjs-gardening-rose-bed

With quick switcher (⌘O) I could simply type 22 prj ros and presto it will find my file

if I created a note and wanted to move it to the project folder I could just type 22 ga and my folder would show up

I hope this helps?

It appears that the number of folders listed is limited to 20 (19 excluding the root directory, ‘/’). When I moved some of the home level folders, some subfolders appeared in the initial listing instead of those folders. It appears that because I recently added some home-level folders, bringing the total to exactly 19, the subfolders appeared to have disappeared from the initial list of candidates.
I thought all subfolders used to show up initially, but I must be misremembering or confusing this with the iOS version’s specs.
I prefer to have all subfolders suggested from the beginning, as in the iOS version, because it is easier to control with mouse. I wish I could change that in the settings…
Anyway, well understood, thank you!

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