Stymied by Zettelkasten Prefixer plugin setup

Hi. I’ve got a vault with >30 notes in it so far.

I’d like to add ZUIDs/UIDs to the body of these notes but I don’t understand the setup of the Prefixer plugin. Why do I need to specify a New File Location, folder path and template path?


The plugin creates a new file with the prefix.

From the help vault Plugins/Zettelkasten

Adds a new button to the left pane, which can be used to create a new file and prefix it for you using the current time. This can be beneficial if you are a follower of the Zettelkasten UID-in-filename method.

The default format is 12-digit timestamp, e.g. “202001010000”.

Thanks @sam.baron.

I’m confused about what should the ‘folder path’ be set to and how it relates to the existing Vault.

The folder path is relative to your vault path, so if you left that empty, new ZK notes would be saved to the vault root.

Thanks very much :slight_smile: