Styling in edit vs preview, and custom dictionaries + autocorrect

Its funny that the edit mode is actually formats better than the preview mode!
Why is it so?!

Also, how to include British Dictionary and auto correct, if at all possible?

Are you using a custom theme? Styling depends on themes.



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Yes, I am using a custom theme based on Atom. (Atomized, or something)
How can I fix this particular style? Can you tell me?

I saw those requests, I guess its being worked upon? Because I don’t see any actions or discussions in those posts :frowning:

There are currently about 1500 feature requests, plus the developers’ own roadmap. Lots to do. Add your upvote to those requests via hearts/comments to increase their popularity.

Styles are added via custom CSS. You can edit the obsidian.css file in your Vault to modify the look of the app. See #custom-css, Getting comfortable with Obsidian CSS, and search the forum for many examples on how to do this.