Struggling with Influx Plugin

What I’m trying to do

Get Influx to display my bits of information from daily notes to be viewed easily with markdown rendering in both editing and reading view - in editing view it is broken with rendering being all wrong (bullet point with heading shows up as 3 different lines). In reading view, it does not even show up.

Things I have tried

  • got rid of all themes and running default theme with some css modifications
  • re-installed the plugin
  • switched off all other plugins to get this one working (thats how important this feature is for me)

Have you checked the plugin’s GitHub issues?

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Another thing to try is making a test vault with a few notes and only the Influx plugin installed. Then you can (hopefully) narrow down if it’s something about the plugin itself or something in your main vault causing the issue.

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I couldn’t at all. It just works randomly and stops working at weird times. I have no clue.

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