Struggling to link several interconnected topics

Hi there,

I’ve been using Obsidian in my own way for quite some time now. Let me start by saying, it’s working fine!

One small improvement I’m trying to make is making multiple connections (possibly through “standard” backlinks).

For example… I use Daily Notes. For today, I might record that my son was at the doctor and give some details -


  • [[SonName]] at doctor… more details.

So now, when I go to the [[SonName]] note, I can see a back link with a date and a link to the Daily Note. Again, this works fine.

However, what if I wanted to make a further distinction and add another layer? e.g. add a reference that this is related to the [[Medical]] topic/note.

Is it something like -


  • [[SonName]] at doctor… more details. [[Medical]]

Or would adding something like a block ref or tag work better?

Thanks in advance for any help offered!

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“Medical” sounds like a tag to me, but if you have something to write in that note then a link makes sense (or if not and you just prefer note back links to tags, that’s OK, too).

I use tags to differentiate between things like #fever or #seizure, etc.

I do something similar in my daily note:

  • [[SonName]] appt w/ [[Dr Name]]
    • home from school with #fever
    • Dr Name prescribed [[Amoxicilin]], said to give [[Motrin]]

I actually use nested tags for health stuff: #health/fever, #health/seizure, #health/stomach-ache. That way, in the tag pane, I can see all the health tags grouped together.

Also, on notes, I can search backlinks #health to see everything or zoom in on something specific like #fever.

(I can also search for a string like “appt” or for “Dr Name” to show even more specific lists of back links.)