Structuring CRM data in a note (front matter vs. note content)

Like many here, I link to the various people I meet and interact with so I can use back links to pull meeting notes and other information together. The combination of back links with the dataview plugin make for some interesting possibilities.

Since dataview only looks at fields in the YAML front matter and I can only link to other notes when the links exist outside the front matter, I’m stuck duplicating data or using some combination of the two.

For example, in the person’s note I want to link to the person who connected me with that person:

Introduced by: [[Albert Einstein]]

That linking doesn’t work when it’s in the front matter when I do something like this:

introduced-by: [[Albert Einstein]]

What do your “CRM” person templates look like? Looking for some good starter examples here.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding you, but dataview can use fields within the note (not just the frontmatter) with the syntax Introduced by:: [[Albert Einstein]]

This is my person template:

My people database:

Area:: Vaults

table Aliases, Birthday, connection-points as "Connection_Points", Profession, Related, shared-interests as "Shared Interests", elink(twitter-account) as "Twitter Account"
from "People"
sort file.mtime desc

Well I’m delighted to be wrong! Thanks for the info. Not sure how I missed that.

I have an open feature request to address this problem: outgoing() in where clause with as the source · Issue #89 · blacksmithgu/obsidian-dataview · GitHub

Would enable behavior like where contains(outgoing(,